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Aug 11,  · Adult Education Degree Programs: The Online Model The dawn of online learning brought about new opportunities for anyone looking for further education. Program flexibility allows students from all over the world to access quality programs, as a degree earned online is virtually the same as one earned on campus. Mar 08,  · Continuing education courses are a form of adult education offered through the adult learning departments of many community colleges or state colleges and universities. Author: Martha Barksdale.

Mar 28,  · Luckily, many online degrees in Adult Education are flexible, allowing you to choose your own courses and major and to complete your studies after hours. An online degree removes many of the expenses of a college education as well, such as housing and transportation, making it easier than ever to earn a degree. Granite State College offers online adult education courses so you can finish your degree quickly and affordably. Explore the variety of flexible course delivery options from online to face-to-face support or even a blend of the two.