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Chronologically, a senior adult ministry is the last step before eternity. Thankfully, once they realize their bodies are not going to last, they develop a passionate interest in “what’s next”. This makes seniors very responsive to the gospel. Oct 21,  · But in my relatively young ministry, I have also developed deeply meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with senior adults. At several different stops in my ministry, I have had the blessing to minister to and receive ministry from seasoned Christian laypeople.

Aging is a diminishing experience, and loss comes with the territory for seniors. So how as Christians can we best minister to senior adults? Jan 19,  · By , 40% of the average North American Congregation will be over Therefore,not only does the church have to plan ministry for older adults (), maturing adults (75+), but also for middle adults () for their numbers are growing. As a result, the church must develop ministry ideas and ministry opportunities for three church groups.

May 16,  · Older Adults in Church There is no shortage of books and articles on ministry with children, youth, or young adults. The reality for many churches, however, is that much of the life of the church – those sitting in the pews, or serving on altar guilds, or ushering, or pledging, or manning the food programs – involves people nearing 75, or. Jan 28,  · is a popular daily Bible devotion. Daily Living for Seniors devotional from Senior Living Ministries offers wisdom and insight for applying Biblical truths to Author: Daily Living For Seniors.