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Christian icebreakers can open a world of possibilities to those that know how to use them effectively. We’ve all been in situations where you could cut the tension with a knife. Some people die in those situations others thrive. Apr 20,  · 4 GAMES TO USE FOR ICEBREAKERS FOR ONLINE GROUPS: Two Lies and A Truth This is a twist on a classic game that challenges your group to be a bit more creative. Ask everyone to share three interesting things about themselves. (I collect model trains, I have been to Italy, I enjoy stand-up comedy). Two must be lies and one must be true.

Silly icebreakers and laughter still bring people close together, so it’s definitely okay to start with light-hearted icebreakers. However, when an already tight-knit group comes together, you may want to start off a little deeper. That’s when these deep icebreaker questions will come in handy. 29 Deep Icebreaker Questions for a Women’s.