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chocolate havanese adult pics - ADULT TIME Stunning BBW Sofia Rose Teases Trainer B4 Fuck

When I first became interested in breeding for chocolate Havanese, I began to hear an undercurrent of murmurings, little snippets of remarks that seemed to suggest that breeding chocolate Havanese to chocolate Havanese was taboo, ethically wrong, and an invitation to a myriad of crippling health problems. Adult Havanese. Paradise Sasha Paradise Rixe. Paradise Rose. She is a beautiful Chocolate Red Merle with blue and green eyes (Rare Colour) Paradise Abby. She is Black & White Particolour, her coat is over 50% white with irregular patches of black. her pigment is black with dark brown eyes.

Chocolate is actually the pigment color of the Havanese. The coat color may in fact be any color, but if the pigment (nose, eyerims, pads of feet etc) is chocolate then, your Havanese is in fact a chocolate. A.J. (To The Left) is actually a red coated chocolate and Callie (below) is a white coated chocolate. At pure breed havanese in Chanhassen, Minnesota, we make sure that our adult Havanese dogs are healthy. We follow the recommendations from our trusted veterinarian to ensure that they produce quality puppies. Their eyes, heart, lungs, luxating patella, and hips are checked annually, as well as their liver and kidney functions.

Java, a chocolate with white puppy, photos courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese Quito (whose dam was imported directly from Cuba) at 1 year is just working on his adult coat coming in. He now has a Canadian Championship title! Royal Flush Havanese Adults Available. Here at Royal Flush Havanese our adults and pups are showered with love and affection all day! We take careful measures to ensure that all the dogs in our breeding program are completely healthy, emotionally and physically.