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The Appropriate Adult Scheme aims to provide assistance to persons with intellectual or mental disability (PWIDs) who are required to give a statement to the Police during investigation. Appropriate Adult Scheme for Young Suspects. An independent and trained adult will accompany a young suspect under 16 years old to law enforcement interviews. The appropriate adult is a neutral party that provides emotional support to the young suspect .

A person who requires an appropriate adult has the right to have someone they know (such a parent, partner or carer). As an alternative, there are appropriate adult schemes. These are organised locally. If you want to find out more about schemes in your area, you can use our Network Map. The Appropriate Adult Scheme for Persons with Mental Disabilities (AAPMD) Scheme provides support to various law enforcement stakeholders during the investigating interviews involving defendants, victims, or witnesses suspected of having Intellectual Disability (ID), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and/or Mental Health issues through trained volunteers.

Aug 05,  · Appropriate Adult Scheme for young suspects under 16 years old Who is this for? As outlined above, there are currently two schemes. One of the schemes are intended for suspects with intellectual disabilities – such as people who suffer from autism spectrum disorders. Aug 26,  · Appropriate adult schemes were introduced in the s in response to miscarriages of justice involving vulnerable people, and local authorities .