more video, link in comment - always adult link oot


always adult link oot - more video, link in comment

Aug 25,  · Miyamoto has given several different numbers since due to his general disinterest in the story and lore of Zelda, but the most recent age given from the . I also always get Big Goron's Sword and the Iron Boots before doing any Adult Link dungeons (not to mention a free Red tunic from the young Goron while doing the former, and a free Blue tunic from King Zora while doing the latter). But that has little to do with this thread, just thought I would share it.

May 22,  · Adult Link As Adult Link there is only one Hylian Loach in the pond. As you enter the pond, the Hylain Loach is located near the back of the left lily pad patch. It will always start there unless you scare it off, at which point it will then travel closer to the center of the pond and start the aforementioned "thwap" cycle. since there's a 7 year difference time between kid/young Link at half adult height, and "adult" Link at full adult height, this is why I came up with the estimated range of ages Link might be as a kid, being 7 to 9 years of age as a kid, which would be offset by 7, giving the range of 14 to 17 for adult link.

When you're playing Adult Link, you start at the Temple of Time instead of Link's house. Traveling around Hyrule gets a lot better when you get Epona & several ocarina songs that teleport you to. I then became adult link,i completed the forest temple and skipped most of fire temple using "press l to levitate",i went into the boss room,and i needed the hammer,i used a cheatcode to get the hammer and then killed the boss.