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A hip spica cast is a large plaster cast that can best be described as a ‘plaster of paris’ pair of trousers. Traditional plaster of paris may be used over wadding, or a combination of plaster of paris and fibreglass material or all fibreglass. HIP SPICA CAST CARE Pediatrics Original 8/10/07 Revised 12/11/07 What • A hip spica or body cast is used to keep the hips and legs from moving. This allows bones and tendons to heal correctly after an injury and/or surgery. • There are several types of spica casts. It may start at the chest.

Spica casts were often flared up during hospitalization, but skin ulcers were uncommon and comparable between the two groups. Within 12 months of surgery, more ipsilateral femur fractures were observed distant to implants in the hip spica group, although the incidence of Author: Uyen Truong, Tonye Sylvanus, Trever M Koester, Chantel C Barney, Andrew G Georgiadis, Jennifer Carpe. HIP SPICA & BODY CASTS 90% reduction in skin excoriation AquaCast products are used for hip spica casts at 9 of the top 10 pediatric hospitals (US News & World Report, ) in the United States. Hipster Pantaloons are made with waterproof ePTFE, a smooth, breathable membrane, facilitating the cleaning of urine and excrement from the skin.

Mar 03,  · Only in comedy films. They have no place in modern medicine. They are poorly tolerated and difficult to toilet in an adult. Surgical intervention has completely replaced it. They are most commonly used in children after they had spent several week. Spica Cast Video Tips A series of helpful videos developed by STEPS in the UK covering common situations with children in hip spica casts. Spica Cast Maintenance Information on how you can modify the Spica Cast to help your child be more happy and comfortable. For information on Spica Cast Liners: click here Chairs and Spica Casts High-Chairs Babies.