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All Freelance Writing does not currently accept writers' markets without this information published. This is to protect the freelance writers using the directory, ensuring that they're accessing the latest publicly advertised rates and writer's guidelines released by . Fiction Markets A fiction market is a publication or website that publishes fiction. There are many fiction markets open to both beginning and established writers. Fiction markets tend to focus on a specific type of fiction or genre. Follow the links to sections of our online writer's guidelines database to find markets in different fiction genres.

Add a Market. If you know of a paying writers' market, please email us! If the publication has Writer's Guidelines at their website, please include the link in your email. Thanks! Report Bad Links and Inaccurate Information. Please help us to keep our writing markets databases up-to-date. If you find any out-of-date markets listings, please. Cast of Wonders is a young adult short fiction market, open to stories up to 6, words in length. We’re dedicated to publishing fiction that reflects the entire spectrum of the human experience. Stories are presented in audio format, which means our .

Jun 26,  · Many adult writers use themes to kick-start their writing while others choose to use lines of dialogue or specific keywords as great writing starters. Obviously, the sources of writing prompts that may be used for writing skill development is virtually limitless. If you practice your writing consistently with the adult writing prompts listed.