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adult male barn owl - Classic Vintage Retro - DiamondClip - DC7 - In the Barn

Male Barn Owls are generally paler and females darker, but they can be very variable. Usually, about 90% of UK Barn Owls can be sexed by their feathers. Here are some typical Barn Owl colourations – and some less typical variations between the sexes. About 90% of UK Barn Owls . Barn Owls are pale overall with dark eyes. They have a mix of buff and gray on the head, back, and upperwings, and are white on the face, body, and underwings. When seen at night they can appear all white. © Matt Davis | Macaulay Library.

Barn Owl - Tyto alba - Adult - Male Scan ID: Notes: Paler individual FEATHER SCAN DATA. Feather Metadata. Feather Total Length. Feather Vane Length. Specimen Number: BRD Feather 1: (P10) cm: Feather 1: (P10). Nov 13,  · With its ghostly appearance, rasping shrieks, and habit of roosting in such places as church belfries, this bird has attracted much superstition. However, it is really a good omen for farmers who find it in their barns, for it preys chiefly on mice and rats. Discovered in its daytime retreat, the Barn Owl bobs its head and weaves back and forth, peering at the intruder.

Ghostly pale and normally strictly nocturnal, Barn Owls are silent predators of the night world. Lanky, with a whitish face, chest, and belly, and buffy upperparts, this owl roosts in hidden, quiet places during the day. By night, they hunt on buoyant wingbeats in open fields and meadows. You can find them by listening for their eerie, raspy calls, quite unlike the hoots of other owls. It is almost impossible to tell if a Barn Owl is male or female just seeing it fly overhead. However, a close look may give you a clue. Females often have darker brown feathers around the rim of the facial disc as well as darker bars on the tail and small black spots on the chest and underside of the wings.