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Hermione changed into something more comfortable and sat by the fire in Gryffindor tower with Ginny. After a few hours Ginny had to go to Quidditch practice so Hermione decided to spend a some time in the library before heading to The Great Hall for supper. When she arrived she spear out her things at her favorite sunny table in the corner. Hermione and Ginny grow closer as they share their thoughts in written words, Hermione is recovering from a traumatic break-up with Ron and Ginny is struggling to hold her recent marriage to Harry together. Hermione and Ginny f/f slash!

Harry is abandoned by everyone after his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire. When even Hermione and Dumbledore betray him, Harry vows revenge against those who have wronged him. Harry starts going down a dark path, and Hermione is only his first victim when he binds her to his will. Hermione mind was racing ten to the dozen. Did she have feelings for Harry Potter yes, yes she did. Her thoughts turned to Ginny and the Promise she made to help her win harry over. "Sorry Gin but its every witch for herself" she said to herself.

Harry and Hermione are in their seventh year. Hermione is in love with Harry and Harry is competely clueless but one conversation change everything. read to find out.. and review as well. The Harry/Hermione version, or remake, of the entire seventh year - Harry and Hermione think twice about their decisions as of late, and are not pleased with what the results might be. The journey towards the Darkest Harmony the Wizarding world has ever seen, starts with a letter. It's All for the Greater Good. Gray!HHr, Violence, Ron Bashing.