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Oct 14,  · This game takes a bit more planning ahead but is still really fun! I saw it once on a cruise then tried it at an adult game night a few year ago and fell in love with the game! The idea is that you have an expert show your guests how to do something . Feb 25,  · These 16 Fun Party Games For Adults are a total blast! They are fun group games you can play with your friends for birthday parties, game night, family reunions, or Christmas. These fun party games include many minute-to-win-it games. Play adult games like Junk in the Trunk, Wreaking Ball, Human Hungry Hippos, etc.

Jun 09,  · Fun adult party games are the best when there’s a bit of acting involved, like this Improv game. The only props you will need are small ordinary household items. Put these in a bag so no one can see. Pair everyone up. The first pair is given an item and 2 minutes to improvise as many uses as they can out of it. Each improvisation scores a point. For that, you have a number of party games to facilitate social interaction *besides alcohol*, as well as to entertain. There are various kinds of drinking and party games we know and love. However, when adults party, there’s an unspoken ulterior motive to hook up with one or two of their fellow party-goers.