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adult flintstone comics - 3D Comic: The Chaperone. Episode 38

Jul 12,  · The Flintstones Reboot Coming as an Adult Animated Series News Warner Brothers and Elizabeth Banks unearth a modern, stone-age family from the rubble with new The Flintstones series. Jul 11,  · Prepare to meet The Flintstones all over again. Warner Bros. Animation is working with Elizabeth Banks’ Brownstone Productions on an adult-skewing primetime animated comedy based .

Jul 29,  · The Flintstones was directed toward children, but you can find adult humor throughout the facialxx.xyz goes for the live-action movie. (Technically, there were two, but only one of them was any good.) The Flintstones did more to appeal to adults than you probably realized as a child. There are dark themes woven throughout the franchise that a child's less jaded eyes would struggle to identify. The Flintstones an Adult Parody. I do not own.