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So, I'm not sure what happened over at hghpficexchange, but a story I wrote for their exchange didn't post.I was told it would post last week, but nothing's been posted since before the book came out. Go fig'. At any rate, I posted it over at Portkey, it's called Interlude and it's for silveris, who requested H/Hr, a room, and a some Parseltongue. FYI - this was done pre-DH. title: of sandwiches & bagels fandom: arrow c/p: felicity smoak, oliver queen, ocs, oliver/felicity rating: pg/teen warnings: some minor language & awkward flirting series: and again?(1/?) notes: i don't own arrow, etc. summary: in which felicity smoak is the local sandwich shop girl, who has a crush on the mystery guy who comes in every weekday at 2pm.

Title: Out in the Cold Author: Momoko ()Rating: PG Pairing: Kagome/Inuyasha (sort of) Genre: Angst, Waff Word Count: words Warnings: This mentions prostitution and has some swearing. 2. You can request a fanfic, send out fanfic challenges, and post your "I'm looking for this particular fanfic " stuff here. 3. All fanfiction posts are to be posted as friends only. This is intended for several reasons. The primary one is because this is intended to be a community aimed at adult oriented fanfiction. Of course all content is.

Nov 29,  · The year is The world is split — war torn — completely altered by the decline of technology and the rise of certain powers. Camila does whatever she can to ease he Content Rating: everyone. Jun 09,  · I also have the same handle (emmarae) on AO3, Adult Fanfiction dot net and LiveJournal. I think I like AO3 best, so that will be my main hub which will always be up to date. I have a new website called Emma's Place if you want to check it out:) It was fun, but it's really hard to update. Now that I found AO3, I'm not sure if I will spend.