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An adult elephant consumes about kg ( pounds) of food and litres (26 gallons) of water per day. These amounts can be double for a hungry and thirsty individual. Such consumption makes elephants an important ecological factor, because it substantially affects and even alters the ecosystems elephants live in. The African elephant (Loxodonta) is a genus comprising two living elephant species, the African bush elephant (L. africana) and the smaller African forest elephant (L. cyclotis).Both are social herbivores with grey skin, but differ in the size and color of their tusks and in the shape and size of their ears and skulls.. Both species have been listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since Class: Mammalia.

Elephant list adult. 42 likes · 1 talking about this. Elephant list adultFollowers: Apr 03,  · The white elephant gift exchange can also be referred to as the Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa and is a fun thing to participate in once all the rules are fully understood. Entertainment is the one and only goal of the white elephant gift exchange.

DELIVERY TIMES: Please note that within the UK and Internationally there are delays affecting all postal services due to Covid Whilst we are running as normal during this time, please ensure to select a delivery date at checkout that takes into account the possibility for these delays. An Elephant in the Garden- Michael Morpurgo (): (Fiction grades ) Lizzie and Karl’s mother is a zoo keeper; the family has become attached to an orphaned elephant named Marlene, who will be destroyed as a precautionary measure so she and the other animals don’t run wild should the zoo be hit by facialxx.xyz family persuades the zoo director to let Marlene .