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Adult Education What is Adult Education? Adult Education, as part of the Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA), provides services to adults to build the knowledge and skills necessary for high school equivalency (HiSET), employment, post-secondary opportunities, and economic self-sustainability. Our adult education courses align the needs of adult learners with the learning environment by addressing adult learning theory and its application to curricula and instructional design, the effective use of technology, and the assessment of learning.

Whether you're looking to get your high school diploma, find training or adult education classes to advance your career, or engage in lifelong learning, you have plenty of options to continue your education in Massachusetts. May 07,  · The quality of adult education instruction is a critical factor in improving student outcomes in reading, mathematics and other key skill areas.

Relevant Coursework Every course within this program is directly related to adult education and training. You’ll learn relevant skills you can put to use immediately. Well-Rounded Approach: You’ll learn about many facets of training and adult education: instructional strategies and design, evaluation, and assessment. Flexible Study on your schedule. 1/14/ The Adult Learner (Ninth Edition) Published. 1/12/ Facilitating Adult & Organizational Learning Through Andragogy: A History,Philosophy, & Major Themes. 1/12/ The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development (9th ed.