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A cockatiel is a popular choice for a pet bird. It is a small parrot with a variety of color patterns and a head crest. They are attractive as well as friendly. Due to their smaller size, cockatiel care and taming are easier than other parrot species. Bird and Parrot classifieds. Browse through available adult cockatiels for sale and adoption by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues.

Oct 12,  · Cockatiels are a native Australian bird, cousins to others such as the Galah and black cockatoo. Adult cockatiels with the "normal grey" coloration, a grey body with yellow head, are relatively easy to distinguish based on their plumage%(). The cockatiel's lifespan in captivity is generally given as 16 to 25 years,though it is sometimes given as short as 10 to 15 years, and there are reports of cockatiels living as long as 32 years, the oldest confirmed specimen reported being 36 years old. Diet, exercise and companionship are major determining factors.

Normal gray cockatiels are easily sexed once the adult plumage is through. You will notice that the coloring is more defined with the male having a bright yellow face, whereas the female has a gray face with traces of pale yellow. The male's body is a dark gray but the female's appears duller with almost a brown tint to the gray. An older cockatiel who has had limited handling, or has been neglected or abused, may have developed some bad habits, such as biting. Biting is always a reaction to a threat; you'll need to determine the bird’s biting triggers and avoid them.