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Jun 12,  · Online Auction and Classified Ad abbreviations 4. Online Personals Abbreviations 5. Twitter Chat Dictionary 6. Guide to Forum Etiquette 7. How to Text a cellphone from a Computer. 87 online personal ad and dating chat abbreviations indexed! Click here for more than 1, online chat and text message abbreviations. Abbreviations and Acronyms used in Classified Listings. 1 Car Garage. 1C — Acronym (Abbreviation) 1 Living Level. 1 LV — Acronym (Abbreviation) 2 Car Garage. 2C — Acronym (Abbreviation) 2 Living Levels. 2 LV — Acronym (Abbreviation) Hour Doorman. 24hr Drm — Abbreviation: 3+ Car Garage.

Adult Acronyms Decoding Adult Classified Ads free download - ADS Instant HDTV PCI, Be The Adult, Classified Ads, and many more programs. Vocabulary for Classified Ads. Click NEXT to see the words. Next. PT: Part time - working less than 40 hours per week: FT: Full time - working 40 hours per week: Minimum: the lowest amount or number: yrs: years: exp: experience: probably: most likely; there's a good chance that it will happen: M - F: Monday through Friday: weekdays.

Nov 23,  · It seems like every day there are new words, abbreviations, and turns of phrase cropping up, making it challenging to keep up with it all. Even if you feel young enough to be "hip with the kids" as they say, you still might need a refresher on all of the new dating acronyms, especially when it comes to online and mobile app dating profiles. Apr 03,  · Experts define 21 different kinds of sexual kinks and fetishes, including BDSM, gagging and sadism, and how this kind of sexual play should best be approached.